The A-Team is run by neurodiverse individuals for neurodiverse individuals, with some assistance from Bridges to Belonging.  Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment to meet fellow neurodiverse adults, discuss topics of interest, share experiences, and embrace our neurological diversity.

This group is intended for adults, aged 18+, who self identify as neurodiverse, and who are seeking support. We welcome individuals who are able to function at a vocational level, whether this is through volunteer work, employment or academic endeavors. Participants should be able to comprehend the discussion topics with some sense of self-awareness and personal insight.

Unless advertised as a ‘plus one’ meeting, we ask that support persons do not attend A-Team meetings.  We welcome support persons to get involved by encouraging individuals to attend by: making initial contact with the group, reminding their loved ones of meetings, or offering assistance with logistics such as transportation.



Please use our Contact Form or send an e-mail to

Vision – the big picture

Communities where neurodiversity is valued and neurodivergent adults experience belonging.

Mission – the what

To create a peer supported learning environment for adults who self-identify on the Autism Spectrum to gain an understanding of their life experiences and to build their personal capacity by sharing information and resources.

Purpose – the why

For neurodivergent adults to be empowered to better engage with their family, friends and community as a result of self-discovery and personal development.

Core Values – the how


An inclusive environment free of financial or diagnostic barriers that promotes self-directed learning, personal development, and encourages an authentic expression of self.



Experienced through sharing of tools, resources, knowledge, personal reflections, and self-discovery that deepen an understanding of our personal and collective lived experiences.



Everyone chooses their own level of engagement in group discussions and activities, to attend to their personal needs and goals.


Provide private space where the physical and psychological wellbeing of all are cared for.


A space where the diversity of experiences, opinions, and neurology of all are respected and celebrated regardless of cultural background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion.

Neurodivergent adults are empowered to deepen their awareness and understanding of their life experiences and to express and contribute their gifts and strengths to their families and communities.