A-Team Ways Of Meeting Together

The A-Team created the following ‘ways of meeting together’  as principles and practices for creating a safe and inclusive space to gather, learn and build relationships.

Welcoming – We welcome adults who self-identify with ASD-1 to “come as you are,” with or without formal diagnosis and at any stage of their personal journey.

Respect We honour the diversity of mind, body, spirit, personal beliefs, and lived experience of each person without judgement. 

Learning – We agree that personal growth is an individual process, and that our personal journey is shaped by both listening and sharing. Stories, experiences, and life hacks, as well as tools, resources, and information from trusted sources, can all provide opportunity for learning.

Empathy – We agree to listen, share, and participate with compassion and understanding, being mindful of the personal experiences, sensory sensitivities and potential past trauma of each person gathered.   

Facilitation – We agree to support the facilitated discussion process and understand that it is used as a means for participants’ voices to be heard, for people to be acknowledged and for individuals to contribute to the degree they are comfortable.  

Presence – We agree to listen to others, allowing them to finish their thoughts and reflecting on what they shared. We agree to be mindful of the length of time when we are sharing ourselves, and to honour turn-taking.

Silence – We agree to honour silence as a means of processing and to respect one another’s decision to participate, share or engage at the level they choose (including having a camera on or off for online meetings).  

Technology – We agree to use technology to enhance the learning experience, to minimize its use if it becomes distracting, and eliminate its use when it does not benefit people in the group.

Confidentiality – We agree that privacy and anonymity of group members are of the utmost importance. We agree to not pass on any personal information shared in or outside of meetings, and to not identify or make personal contact with people outside of meetings without their expressed permission. 

Safety & Security – We agree to care for the physical and emotional wellbeing of each other by honouring the values of the A-Team, adhering to the “ways of meeting together” outlined here, and by avoiding all forms of discriminatory, hateful, aggressive, oppressive, or offensive actions and language. 

Individuality – We accept the unique gifts, strengths, neurodiverse experiences of each person and understand we are all on our own journey of learning and discovery.  We agree to not judge or attempt to “fix”, advise or correct one another.

Personal Truth – We agree to use “I” statements as a way of owning our own story, rather than “you” statements.

Personal Responsibility – I agree to be on time for meetings and to care for my own needs for safety, security and learning. 


Link to printable version (PDF file) of the Ways of Meeting

Last revised August, 2022.